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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

2012 Mercedes-Benz PIECHA SLK R172 Accurian RS

2012 Mercedes-Benz PIECHA  SLK R172 Accurian RS2012 Mercedes-Benz PIECHA SLK R172 Accurian RS Picture

PIECHA Architecture has apparent a new affability programme for the new Mercedes-Benz SLK R172. And thus, they present the “Accurian RS”, a sporty, affected estimation of the Stuttgart-based roadster. Piecha gives the new, added authentic advanced of the SLK an Accurian RS advanced addle-brain lip with crabbed grids. The lip can be accumulated with a cover, which turns the filigree into a three-part allotment and added emphasises the LED daytime active lights on the appropriate and larboard side. For a quieter airflow about the crabbed anatomy of the new SLK, PIECHA Architecture installed a set of Accurian RS ancillary brim covers. The covers are affirmed calmly and absolutely on the aboriginal ancillary skirts. Furthermore, the against installed grids accommodate for a added arresting design. For all R172 models, no amount whether with the ancillary skirts, the AMG or additionally the Accurian RS sills, PIECHA Architecture offers per ancillary four LED recessed spotlights each.

The rear end has a ample sportier actualization acknowledgment to the Accurian RS rear diffuser, which is accessible in a baby and ample version. The diffusor, which runs up to the subfloor, not alone provides for added achievement at the rear axle, but additionally frames the QUADRO 4-tube mufflers in perfection. In both versions, the consecutive rear accessory has to be hardly reworked. Moreover, a diffusor appliance is accessible for the AMG administration rear apron. The Accurian RS aerodynamic programme is completed by a classical rear addle-brain lip, which has a simple adhering fixation. Another apple premiere are the PIECHA MP1 monobloc high-tech rims, which altogether bout the avant-garde and sporty, affected architecture accent of the Accurian RS with its anew interpreted agent design. In the advanced in 8.5×19 ET25 with 225/35 R19 and in the aback in alternative 9.5 or 10.5×19 with 255 or 275/30 R19, the MP1 monobloc caster provides in affiliation with 25 mm blurred springs for a absolute block shape.